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HDPE Water Supply Pipe

The extruding product lines use a special purpose polyethylene material to shape the PE water supply pipe. These pipes are used in city and town water supply pipeline nets, irrigation and channel water projects, garbage treatment sites, sewage collecting pipeline projects, and agricultural spray irrigation projects. Because the PE pipeline uses a thermal fusion and electric fusion connection technology, the interface is integrated, and the pipeline is resistant to hoop stress and axial shock produced by the inside pressure. In addition, the PE pipe does not contain heavy metal salt stabilizers. The second pollution commonly found in drinking water is prevented as the pipe material is non-toxic, has no pipe scales, and does not provide a breeding area for bacteria.

Product Standard: GB13663/EN12201/ISO8085/ISO4427

Item Unit Standard Requirements
Appearance Both outer and inner surface of pipe should be clean, smooth, and is not allowed to have bubbles, obvious scratches, depression, impurity, uneven color defect. Pipe ends shall be cut flat for smooth mouth of the pipe.
Elongation at break ≥350
OIT, min(200℃) >20
Longitudinal contraction rate (110℃)% ≤3
Hydrostatic Strength PE80 20 ℃ , Hoop Stress 9.0MPa, ≥100h
No Failure, No Leakage
80 ℃ , Hoop Stress 4.6MPa, ≥165h
No Failure, No Leakage
80 ℃ , Hoop Stress 4.0MPa, ≥1000h
No Failure, No Leakage
PE100 20 ℃ , Hoop Stress 12.4.MPa, ≥100h
No Failure, No Leakage
80 ℃ , Hoop Stress 5.5MPa, ≥165h
No Failure, No Leakage
80 ℃ , Hoop Stress 5.0MPa, ≥1000h
No Failure, No Leakage
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