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Silicon Core HDPE Conduit for Telecommunication

HDPE silicon-core pipes are specially designed to be communication optical (electric) cable protection tubing. The silicon core pipe is produced and shaped through an extruding synchronization with the silicon core material and a low friction coefficient inside the HDPE pipe. Because of that, the HDPE silicon-core pipe provides excellent convenience for cable laying due to the durability and low friction coefficient inside the lubricating solid tunnel. It is among the most advanced methods for optical cable protection in the world today. The optical cable protective pipe is often used as a better replacement for manual cable pulling. The cable blowing machine blows the cable into a lower friction HDPE pipe, and the cable then moves forward at a high speed in the suspension state. This cable laying method avoids cable damages from pulling. Cable blown only once can reach more than 2,000 meters, thus reducing accidental signal loss caused by machine pulling, and the amount of knots that result from pulling length limits. Using the silicon core HDPE pipes has also reduced digging quantities for wells and saves project costs. The HDPE silicon core pipe has a high intensity, excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, and an adaptability for steepness and bending changes.

Specification: nominal (internal/external diameter): Φ26/32mm, Φ28/34mm, Φ33/40mm, Φ38/46mm, Φ42/50mm, Φ50/60mm

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